We recently visited Canton Fair and we could not pass up the opportunity to check out these unique custom beer caddies. When it comes to promotional products for the drinks industry, we work hard to deliver high-quality and functional custom promotional merchandise. A custom beer caddy not only woks as a bottle carrier but it also offers great marketing benefits at a low cost.

Custom Beer Holder

Custom Beer Holder

You will see beer caddies being used at restaurants and bars, but their role is not limited to carrying bottles of liquor. They can be an effective promotional tool for brand activation. There is so much you can do with a custom beer caddy and here is why you should consider including this to your brand ambassadors kit.


Custom Beer Caddy – Features and Benefits

1. Made From Wood : This custom beer caddy is made from wood and is definitely sturdy. Wood lends a vintage appeal that will surely captivate beer lovers. Furthermore, it is easy to work with and can be customized to any shape you want.

2. Additional Functionality : On one side of the box is a built-in bottle opener, so removing bottle caps becomes easier. The additional functionality is one of its selling points.

Custom Beer Holder

Custom Beer Holder

Also, one of the caddies has magnets on one side of the box, so customers can play tic-tac-toe while having a drink with friends.

Custom Beer Caddy

Custom Beer Caddy

3. Ergonomic Handle : Each bottle caddy comes with an ergonomic handle for a comfortable grip. This one also has compartments made from canvas fabric with silk-screen printed message on the front.

Custom Beer Holder

Custom Beer Holder

4. Branding : As you can see, there is a wide space on which to imprint brand name and logos.  Aside from your brand name and logo, you can also get your brand message printed on the caddies and paint them whatever colors you like.

Here is another fine example:


5. Convenience – Designed to carry 6 or more bottles of drinks at once, this would make serving drinks more convenient and safer. Moreover, you can also use them as custom packaging for beer and wine.


Marketing Benefits of a Custom Beer Caddy

Brand Activation : The branded caddies work as a point of sale marketing display for your brand. The more customers see the brand being advertised through the caddies, the more they become accustomed with it. Thus, customers who have yet to decide what to get for drinks will be encouraged to try your products when they see it printed on the caddy.

Improved Services : A custom beer caddy can carry 6 or more bottles of beer in one trip. This way, venue attendees need not make multiple trips to the counter to fetch drinks, saving them time and energy. As a result, this improves your services and builds consumer trust.

Raise Brand Awareness : Using a custom beer caddy can help raise brand awareness and create a positive brand image by using attention-grabbing designs. Ideal for beer and music fests, these caddies will surely turn heads at events.


Our Key Takeaways…

Make the most out of your beer promotions with a custom beer caddy. There are so many ways to customize this promotional product because you can use them for events and venue marketing. Furthermore, the additional features not only improve the appearance, but they also enhance its functionality.

So, are you keen to manufacture your custom beer caddy with us? If so, contact The ODM group today! We have years of experience in design and manufacture of drinks promotional products and you can expect us to deliver high-quality merchandise that suit your marketing budget. If you like to get a quote for these wooden beer holders with product code 2745, send us an email right away.


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