Gulping up an icy beer is the best way to unwind after a long tiring day. It is also a great starter to toast for celebrating milestones and holidays. Knowing this fact, breweries are coming up with different beer promotions to attract customers who can’t get enough of this popular refreshing beverage. If you are one of those companies that thrives in this expanding industry, then here’s a treat for you. Let’s fire up your marketing strategy with some cool brewery promotion ideas!

Brewery Promotion Ideas

Brewery Promotion Ideas


Brewery Promotion Ideas: Custom Beer Caddies

Previously, we have featured a Leather Beer Holster in one of our blogs. This particular beer holder is made from quality leather material that makes it firm and long-lasting. It features an insulating layer that keeps the beverage cold and a built-in mechanism that makes it convenient to carry anywhere. Furthermore, this leather beer holster can fit up to 6 beer bottles that can save you from numerous trips to the fridge.


Now, let us proudly introduce to you another brilliant marketing tool for your brewery, a Wooden Beer Caddy!

A good beer definitely deserves an excellent holder. This wooden beer carrier is notably made from high-quality wood material. Ditch your flimsy cardboard carrier with this well-made and durable beer tote. The streamlined silhouette of this custom beer product exhibits beauty and can go with any decor. Furthermore, the bare and rustic motif of this wooden beer caddy also lends a vintage appeal that can undoubtedly captivate the eyes of beer lovers.


Get Creative with Wooden Beer Caddy

With the dramatic increase in competition, marketing is clearly the top priority for brewery businesses. One should consistently come up with ways to improve quality and display creativity to attract more customers. Tapped out when it comes to brewery promotion ideas? Let us help you get creative with this potent wooden beer caddy!

Partner Up with Local Influencers

Build lasting relationships with your local influencers! This is one of the great ways to expand communication and increase your brand reach. You can offer them a few promotional products to enjoy and review, and maybe a promo code for their followers to use. When sending them a PR kit, this wooden beer caddy will be a great packaging solution. Provide them a sustainable packaging concept that they can still use even after the beer runs out.

Create a Customer Loyalty Club for Your Business

Encourage your customers to keep coming back to your brewery by developing a customer loyalty program. Let them enjoy your promotional products and merchandise first hand. You can use this wooden beer holder in sending out rewards and prizes to your loyal customers. This wooden carrier can also serve as an eye-catching kitchen display or a dazzling home decoration piece in their households.

Consider Hosting Community Events

A strategy that can furtherly expand your brand reach and promote your brewery even more, why not consider hosting local community events? Hosting live events can certainly attract more people and create a decent buzz for your business. You can also let others rent out your space to have a venue for their own events. This is a great opportunity to market your own products with this wooden beer caddy. Turn them into custom in-store displays or outdoor marketing displays during these events!


Why Should You Invest On A Wooden Beer Caddy?

1. The quality speaks for your brand.

With the quality of this brewery promotional product, you can put your brand front and center. Customers who will see and receive this wooden beer caddy will have a remarkable impression of your brand. Furthermore, you can also consider adding functionalities to the wooden carrier itself. An integrated board game or a built-in bottle opener can definitely elevate this beer caddy and satisfy the demands of your target audiences.

2. An ideal promotional display for different industry events.

Sponsoring two different events at the same time? That’s great! This will be a perfect opportunity to bring out your marketing tools! Doubting if your promotional products will fit the theme of each event? Uh-oh, that would be a problem.

Worry no more! This wooden beer caddy can certainly provide you a flexible marketing display. With the bare beauty of this brewery promotional item, you can easily decorate it to fit into different events. Having this inside your storage can be advantageous, especially during last-minute preparations.

3. Can improve the quality of service.

Using this wooden beer caddy will be favorable for bars and restaurants to improve the quality of their service. They can use this efficiently when serving drinks to their guests. Moreover, they can steal the limelight with their creative way of assisting their customers.  You can also enhance the experience of your event attendees as they will not need to have multiple trips to fetch drinks, saving them time and energy.

4. It is extremely customizable.

As you can see, this wooden beer caddy is customizable. You can smoothly incorporate your brand’s elements into this carrier and own the stage. You have a variety of design options to choose from and a huge space for exploration. With this beer promotion idea, you can bring your brand literally everywhere and reach a wide net of consumers!


Bringing It All together,

Exhibiting brand creativity is clearly a challenging task during these times. As businesses continue to bloom, it is important to distinguish your brand from the competition. With its functional features, you can offer a wonderful and versatile brewery promotional product to your target audiences.

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Here at ODM, our team is always updated on the latest branded promotional product ideas in the market. Thus, we make sure to uphold our mission of providing clients with high-quality and effective promotional products. We will always be more than happy to assist you with all things promotional!


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