Football season is like the Christmas time for all the Football fans worldwide. For sports brands, this is the best season for marketing. Big brands promote their items; creating various custom promotional products such as; promotional football towels, giveaway shaker bottle, and many more! Adidas, a global brand that sells sports apparel, set up a custom in store display inside a shopping mall just in time for the football season.

The custom in store display boasts a huge football that bears a huge “Adidas” logo. It is secured on a platform with adequate illumination for it to be visible at night. Considering that the mall has high foot traffic, it’s hard to miss this towering in store display.

Custom In Store Display: Football Promotion by Adidas

Custom In Store Display: Football Promotion by Adidas

Why We Love this Custom In Store Display from Adidas?

  • Location – The huge football sits inside a mall. Near Escalators meaning a high number of visitors which is really important for marketing.  Will also be visible from higher floors.
  • Interactive – This is also promoting Telstra and you can see children in the background enjoying visuals on the screen
  • Relevance – Adidas really knows how to play its cards. The brand sells sports products, especially football items. Hence, the big football display. It’s easier to market when you know your brand’s focus. Here’s another sports promo that might interest you.  Adidas are one of the major sponsors of football teams worldwide.
  • Customisable – In store displays such as this big football can easily be created according to your brand’s needs. But if you would like to have a hassle-free process, please get in touch with ODM.
Custom In Store Display: Football Promotion by Adidas

Custom In Store Display: Football Promotion by Adidas

How can we improve this marketing campaign?

Obviously, this custom in store display is a good marketing strategy. It hits the right elements of a great in store display. Still, there are few points that we can improve on.

  • Adidas can display their football products around the enormous display so customers could check the items. This could attract customers and may lead to more sales.
  • They could also add marketing giveaways such as fans, key chains, leaflets, and other smaller items.

Overall, this campaign by Adidas effectively promotes the brand to the consumers. By simply placing an attention-grabbing football, it helps the brand reach its marketing goals.

Should you need to get insights from a promotional product expert, ODM has an experienced team that can assist you with your marketing needs. Inquire now!

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