Whether we add our favourite fruit or just drink it straight, we’ll always need something to enjoy our protein shakes. Yokebe, a UK-based company known for its successful meal replacement programs, loves their customers so much that they are introducing a new promotion. For every purchase of a Yokebe vitamin powder, the customer receives a giveaway shaker bottle. Find this fantastic promotion at various drugstores in the UK.

With this giveaway shaker bottle, anyone can easily prepare their workout drinks or meal replacements. Just drop a scoop or two of your favourite Yokebe powder, give it a good judder, and you’re good to go!

Yokebe shakes up their Promotion with a Giveaway Shaker Bottle

Yokebe shakes up their Promotion with a Giveaway Shaker Bottle

This free item is made from quality, non – toxic plastic; It surely is BPA – free. The lid is guaranteed to be leak-proof, so there’s no risk of spillage. Also, you can easily see the contents through its clear plastic.

If you want to see another awesome design for the shaker bottle, check out the sample below.

Why do we love this Giveaway Shaker Bottle from Yokebe?

  • Customisable – Easily create that unique design with the help of our experts. These shaker bottles are highly customisable in order to allow you to design them to your exact specifications. In our case study, this brand uses clear plastic with a Yokobe – shade of green cap. Utilising such colour increases brand awareness amongst consumers. If you want to learn more about these shaker bottles, check out this link: Increase your Brand Awareness with Customized Shakers
  • Brand Exposure. Depending on your design, you can print your big brand around the bottle for better exposure. This allows customers to easily spot your product from the crowd. To more about printing methods, check out ODM’s sublimation printing.
  • Promote Customer Loyalty. Giving back something to the customers is always a brilliant marketing strategy. More often than not, they’ll patronise your products to show their support. This also ensures that your customers will be loyal to your brand.

How to Greatly Enhance this Promotional Idea?

  • Variety. This promotional idea will be better if different colours and design are present. Having custom designs and colours make customers want to collect all designs. Hence, could lead to increase in sales.
  • POS Display Units – An effective point of sale advertising can make the difference between dying sales and soaring profits. They are ideal for maximising your brand’s marketing potential. A product with a good POS display unit will most likely beat the brand that doesn’t utilise one.

We love how this marketing idea can help raise product exposure and sales. So, if you need any help with promotional products or ideas, feel free to speak with us! Here at ODM, we have a lot of experience in delivering high-quality design work to our clients. Why not contact us today to see if we can help you with any upcoming projects?

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