Orbit China is offering an on pack promotion gift here in Carrefour, Zhuhai. Just buy two Orbit chewing gum pots and get a Skittles branded shaker for free.

On Pack Promotion - Branded Shaker from Orbit China

On Pack Promotion – Branded Shaker from Orbit China

This branded shaker is made of transparent plastic. It is convenient to hold in your hand and is easy to carry. The bottle is equipped with a lid that is twisted so you won’t be afraid of the promo bottle opening.

Why is it effective to use on pack promotion for promo campaign?

  • Competitive advantage. Promotions are an essential part of making profit. There is big competition between companies within the confectionery industry, that’s why companies need to think of more interesting and  effective approaches for their promo campaign.

    In this case customers understand that when compared with other chewing gum brands customers will buy the gift with purchase pack from Orbit China immediately.

  • Practicality. This company decided to begin this on pack promo campaign during the beginning of summer when customers will always want to drink more because of hot summer weather. These promo shakers can be used as water bottles and as protein shakers, so good idea for gym merchandise also.
  • Brand awareness. When using this branded shaker in their everyday lives, customers will provide Orbit China with hidden advertising and exposure. This branded bottle is an universal promotional product which can be easily branded. So every time when customers want to quench their thirst, people around will have a chance to see the logo of brand.

This promotional shaker is a cool idea for a branded product. With years of experience in manufacturing and designing such items, so feel free to contact ODM today and help us assist in designing the best promo product for your brand.

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