Here is a great example of the most recent Quaker Oats Promotion utilising an on pack style campaign, initiated in China.

Quaker Oats Promotion: Free on-the-go Shaker

Quaker Oats Promotion: Free on-the-go Shaker

Included with selected oatmeal bundles are these promotional shakers. Proudly branded with the Quaker logo these are assumingly ideal for the travelling and ‘on-the-go’ type consumer.

How this Quaker Oats Promotion can help your brand?

  • Stimulate Sales. Every business looks for ways to give an additional boost to sales; and this is certainly one of them. Especially when offering a free gift with purchase, it can only help offer further incentive to buy the products on offer and even encourage an impulse purchase.
  • Brand Awareness. Offering a product that holds use and has the potential to be taken around is a great way to increase awarenes.. Brand recognition is essential for any brand, as much as Quaker is a household name there is a never a point to stop trying ways to get your brand out there.
Quaker Oats Promotion: Free on-the-go Shaker

Quaker Oats Promotion: Free on-the-go Shaker

  • Give back! A happy customer, is a happy business right? Offering products that a potential customer will actually enjoy, and find use of is how to make an effective promotion- this in turn will help build success and crucial recognition via word of mouth and various other social channels.
  • Add variance to your product portfolio. Even though oats ooze excitingness, it can’t hinder Quaker by adding a little more spice to their offerings. In this sense offering an on pack promotion is a perfect outlet to do so.

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