Interesting Promotion seen at Wellcome retail store in Hong Kong. Quaker, the famous oats provider, is currently providing an on-pack gift with its oat for rice packs.

Integrated within the packaging are customized colourful chop sticks. Notice that, although the items offered as gift with purchases are very small, Quaker still managed to print its logo in a stylish and noticeable way! A lesson to us all wondering whether it is possible to customize effectively on items lacking logo space.

This type of simple yet efficient promotional campaign are exactly what is needed if you want to give a boost to sales and have consumers bring a piece of your brand back home for additional logo exposure. This is also exactly what ODM knows out to do! So please do not hesitate and contact us if this type of promotional campaign is what you are looking for.

Also notice, this is a Western styled food and packaging, yet they are giving away Asian Promotional Chopsticks.   It is a great method to educate people who might dismiss this as Western Food that this is also good for the local Asian market and palate.