Here in Zhuhai, China customers shopping in Zhuhai’s Carrefour supermarket can see a perfect on pack promo idea by body care brand Fa. Here they are offering a limited edition bag as an on pack gift with purchase of one of their essential products – roll on deodorant.

On Pack Promo Idea - Fa Limited Edition Bag

On Pack Promo Idea – Fa Limited Edition Bag

This on pack promo bag is the perfect solution for holding your cosmetics essentials, and due to its size could also be used as a nice purse.

If this wasn’t enough, Fa are also offering a double promotion and are offering customers the chance to win a nice trip. All customers need to do is send ‘Fa 密语’to Fa’s official WeChat account for their chance win a return ticket to: Maldives, Japan, Thailand or Korea.

Why this on pack promo idea is might be affective?

  • Additional Customers. By offering this limited edition promo bag, Fa can catch customer’s eyes and motivate them to choose this brand to buy from. Being given a free gift as well as a chance to win an exotic trip away, provides customers with a greater incentive and a greater pull factor to buy the product. Brands that offer more, are more likely to attract more people.
  • Boost your sales. Customers always prefer to get more than just a product, in a result they will buy a product which they can get with amazing on pack promo gift. Due to this promo campaign Fa can increase a product cost to make a big profit.
  • Universal promo product. Actually promo bags are universal promotional products because they can be easily customized. For your brand promotion you can choose any color, shape and material. With this example we can see that for their brand Fa have chosen a small stylish, silver, round-shaped bag which is suitable for cosmetic tools.
  • Finer brand remembrance. This branded bag is perfect to take for trips. Just to keep some needful cosmetic and skincare items. It doesn’t take up a lot of space in luggage, so customers will be thankful for this compact yet useful gift, and will remember this when purchasing similar products in the future.

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