A prestigious bakery in Hong Kong launched an exclusive limited edition bakery promo gift this summer.  In order to reward strong support from their consumers, this bakery made a brilliant plan with the limited edition gift.

Even though the bakery industry is competitive, this bakery is a well-loved place where people look for their favorite cakes. A great marketing tool like a bakery promo gift is necessary to boost sales and promote the brand.

What are the benefits of offering this limited edition bakery promo gift?

Limited edition bakery promo gift

Limited edition bakery promo gift

Currently the bakery offered two options for guests.

No.1: If your consumption amount reaches $198, you will get Limited noted book or two novelty party sets for free.   This is a classic Gift with Purchase Promotion.

No.2: Whatever you buy from the bakery, you then have the opportunity to get the limited two party sets by adding $10 only, and one limited notebook by adding $29. Both great value additions.   This is a Purchase with Purchase Promotion.

Limited edition bakery promo gift

Limited edition bakery promo gift

By launching this limited edition bakery promo gift, they’re able to drive their guests to purchase more goods. By placing the brand on the party sets and notebook, more people are aware of the brand whenever they’re using them. Furthermore, consumers are more inclined to buy your goods when they see there is a high-perceived value promotion in the shop. Because people always love getting a good deal.

Simple and Cheap Point of Sales Bakery Promo Marketing

We like the way there is a custom shape Foam Board marketing message promoting this offer stuck on the cash register facing customers.  This is an effective way to not only increase sales volume but to also promote the brand.  Every client that purchases bakery products could not possibly miss this promotion.

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