Customers who purchased Olay products earlier this year received a Limited Edition Cosmetic Case from Olay and Cosmopolitan. Simply send in the receipt, name and address to receive this gift.

Promo Cosmestic Case by Olay

This Mail in Offer promotional is appealing because it creates a sense of urgency with phrases like ” While Supplies Last”. Customers will rush to buy the products, fearing that the redemption period will be over, thus boosting sales.

Limited Edition” also creates exclusivity & higher perceived value for the promotion.

Such a Cosmetic Case is a great promo gift for beauty brands like Olay as it is an essential product for their customers. Besides storing makeup tools and cosmetics, this can also be used as a multi-purpose organizer for other items.

By rewarding customers with promo freebies, it can help companies increase sales as well as build positive brand image. Start planning for your promotion now!

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