Olay a popular cosmetic brand in Russia, is offering some promotional gifts at the moment in lots of Russian cities. Simply purchase a RUB 600 Olay Anti-Ageing Cream and this cosmetic bag is yours!

Cosmetic Bag by Olay

As you can see from the picture, a cosmetic bag designed to hold makeup and other cosmetics and toiletries while traveling.

This promotional product which can be a great gift with purchase product! Everything is customizable, from the color to the design, just put your logo on each of the cosmetic bag to enhance brand recall.

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Our Russian readers may find a brief description on this promotion below:

Во многих магазинах России, компания Olay проводит рекламную акцию. При покупке крема Olay Total Effects за 611 рублей, Вам подарят прозрачную косметичку, которая пригодится Вам  на каждый день.