Russian cosmetics store Ile-de-Beaute is offering a great gift with purchase to their customers in Russia. Simply spend 3500 rubles or above on Guelain products and get an amazing set of cosmetic bag and miniature perfume water as a free promotional gift.

Gift with Purchase by Guerlain

Gift with Purchase by Guerlain

Why offer a gift with a purchase for your customers?

Gift with purchase – this is the most powerful tool to stimulate sales. This form of promotion is something that all buyers can appreciate as they like getting additional products on top of the item that they paid for. This makes customers feel valued and appreciated by your company and aids in building brand loyalty. It is crucial to note that buyers like gifts more than small discounts (up to 7%). This is because gifts are tangible, even though they may be a small and inexpensive promotional items.

Cosmetic bag as a gift idea

A cosmetic bag is a great idea for the promotion especially if one places their brand logo on the marketing product! It will serve as a long-term  advertisement and will help to increase brand awareness. When your customers use the bag, people around them will notice the brand on the cosmetic bag and come to know about your brand. This exposure to your brand might lead to you gaining more new customers in the future!

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Our Russian readers may find a brief description of this promotion below:

Окончательное решение о покупке товара покупатель принимает непосредственно в самом магазине. Поэтому акция «Подарок за покупку» очень востребована. Магазин Иль де Боте часто проводит подобные акции. Это проверенный и самый успешный метод стимулирования продаж. Покупатель должен совершить покупку на 3500 рублей и получить гарантированный подарок – удобную косметичку и миниатюру туалетной воды от Guerlain.