Are you looking for an original idea to please your premium customers? Whatever your business is, these speakers could fit with your needs and expectations:

Promotional gift: Get your speakers

Promotional gift: Get your speakers


These speakers are a very good promotional gift for any business, since it is aesthetic, useful, and really original. It is lighter and smaller than real speakers, therefore easier to carry, and it is a product that catches people’s attention: had you ever thought about doing this before? People can take it to the beach, on the terrace while having drinks with some friends, or any other occasion when a music amplifier is really needed.

The one on the picture above has been designed and conceived for the shoes and handbags brand Steve Madden. It consisted in a giveaway for the lucky ones, who had been invited to the brand’s second anniversary, in Hong Kong.

How can this speaker help you?

These speakers work with a cable you can link to your mobile phone or your MP3 reader, with an on/off button at the bottom. In terms of promotion, beyond the aesthetic, useful and original sides, its other big advantage is the fact that you can actually cover the entire visible faces with your brand’s name and visuals… So there is no loss of space.

Steve Madden managed to make their speakers fully covered so it is impossible not to see the brand name, but the visual all around it makes the product being pretty. This is a result somehow tough to obtain, but our in-house design office could help you in this attempt.

In conclusion, these speakers are currently, and according to the ODM Group, one of the best ways to leave a really strong impression to your consumers, or whomever you want to convince through promotional gifts. It may become mainstream in a couple of years, so what are you waiting for?