Have you ever wanted to amplify your music from your iPhone? How about using ball speakers that can be easily connected to your iPhone? They come in different designs and colours and they are highly innovative and attractive. This is a novel promotional gift idea and read on to find out more on how you can use it effectively.

 First of all, how does the ball speakers work?

One may use the speakers simply by sliding his or her iPhone into the speakers’ port, which is a gap in the middle of the ball, just wide enough to fit your iPhone in. Once the iPhone is fitted into the speakers, you may play the music from your phone.

Ball Speakers - Promotional Idea

Ball Speakers – Promotional Idea

What makes the ball speakers special?

The ball speakers is an innovative product as it blends function and design. It comes in many different designs and colours. It is also light-weight and portable, thus it is very convenient to the user to bring it anywhere he or she goes. You may also use the bottom output from the iPhone, as seen below, to connect to the speakers. The ball speakers does not just function as an amplifier, it also functions as a stand. Thus, if you were to watch a movie on your phone, you may use it to hold your phone horizontally for your viewing pleasure.

Ball Speakers with Different Ports

Ball Speakers for iPhone

How can you use the ball speakers for effective marketing?

You may brand your logo on the ball speakers to increase brand awareness and facilitate free advertising for your brand. This will attract potential customers. By imprinting your logo on the speakers, you will also boost brand recall for existing customers. This will create reminder advertising for them to make repeat purchases and increase your customer base. In this way, it will boost sales and revenue for your company. The ball speakers could be just the perfect promotional product you are looking for.