Hi Tech Products combined with Retro Designs… The iPhone is one of the most popular gadgets so why not use an accessory as a promotional gift on your company’s next advertising campaign?

Promotional Gift Idea - Retro iPhone cassette case

A both practical and aesthetic promotional gift on purchase could be a retro iPhone case. It would be valued by your customers because it would it would protect their  iPhone from drink spills, shocks, and scratches. What’s more it could be easily customized and branded with your company logo. The costs would be low and quality high as it is a standardized product.

The retro edge to it just makes it a promo gift that bit more original than what one generally sees on the market. It could be made to look like a game boy or cassette for example.

Customise the label with your brand and message to create a truly unique promo.

Associating ones brand to retro products can be very advantageous. Indeed, Retro branding is one step in the advertising spiral to remind people what the brand once was and that the same quality product still exists after all these years.  Many products have enjoyed great long-term success.  Renewed retro branding reminds everyone of why a brand became so successful in the first place.

Retro branding is another way to build again on what is already a strong brand.  In our down-turned economy since at least 2008, people are making harder choices when it comes to purchasing decisions.  By reminding consumers that a brand has been around since the last depression, the real message is the brand will be here through this economy too.

Promotional Gift Idea - Retro iPhone game boy case

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