Cosmetics advertisements are everywhere. The cosmetics industry is extremely saturated with strong competitors. With so many different choices for customers, the usual generic advertisements are not going to cut it anymore! In such an environment, cosmetics brands need to come up with creative and unique ways to market their product. That is where Olay comes in! This promotional cosmetic display by Olay is an excellent example of effective marketing in the cosmetics industry.

promotional cosmetic display

promotional cosmetic display

The custom promotional cosmetic display used by Olay displays five stars and contains the words “OLAY Best Seller”. The displays of different Olay products are tailored to fit the product. Right next to the display with the stars, there is another display with the caption “New Innovation”. While this display is extremely simple, it is an excellent way to market the brand and product. We will explain why in the following section.

Why Olay gets Seven Stars From Us

★ Brand Recognition

Olay’s product is the only brand in the proximity with a graphic star-rating representation. The strategic location of the promotional cosmetic displays also places Olay’s products above the rest of the other brands. When customers see this display, Olay’s products would inevitably leave a stronger impression on them than other products. Thus, they would remember Olay’s brand above the other brands that they have seen.

★ Simple yet Effective

The cosmetic retail display has a minimalist and simple design. However, it does an excellent job of capturing attention and establishing the popularity and strength of the brand. This strategy is also cost-saving, as money is not needlessly spent on excessive features on the display. This just goes to show that you do not have to be flashy or over the top to market your brand effectively!

★ Brand Value

The star-rating system used and graphically presented on this display emphasizes on the high value of Olay’s product and brand. The caption “OLAY Best Seller” adds on as a testament to the value and credibility of the brand. This is sure to make customers receive a greater perceived value of the brand as they would associate the brand with a high rating and best-seller status.

promotional cosmetic display

promotional cosmetic display

★ Targets Impulse Buyers

The displays of different products are tailored to fit the product displayed in it. This makes customers browsing through feel a strong desire to purchase the product. For instance, the display with the five stars makes customers browsing through want to buy it to find out why it is rated so highly. The display with the caption of “New Innovation” is also sure to make customers want to buy and try out the product.

★ Attention Grabbing

With numerous other brands brimming the shelves in the cosmetics section, the promotional cosmetic display by Olay immediately captures the attention of viewers. The display is strategically located at the top shelve, which is the most visible to customers. The custom POS display is also different from any of the other brands available. This is sure to bring attention to the brand and product.

★ Targets Specific Interests

As the promotional cosmetic display is tailored to fit the product, it is effectively used to target specific buyer needs and interest. For example, the display with the five stars targets buyers looking to purchase the highest quality of cosmetics, while the display captioned “New Innovation” targets customers who want to purchase the latest cosmetics product from Olay.

★ Effective Communication

The cosmetic POS display communicates the message that the product from Olay is extremely popular and highly rated. With ever-shortening attention spans, consumers will lose their attention swiftly if the description on a display is long and wordy. Olay overcomes this issue by limiting words to a single phrase. Olay also uses a star-rating system instead of words to convey the value of the product. This is an effective strategy as consumers respond much better to graphics and symbols than words.

promotional cosmetic display

How We Can Help You:

Impressed by this promotional cosmetic display by Olay? Wish to have a similar custom promotional display for your brand? Well, you are in luck! We here at ODM have a talented in-house team of dedicated product designers who constantly design new and innovative custom promotional products. We can design a custom promotional display that is perfect for your brand. Feel free to contact us to find out more about how we can help your brand!


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