We spotted an excellent cosmetic product display by Watsons at a shopping mall and we absolutely love the set up. Their display is very engaging and  customers were able to personally try their products.

3 Things We Can Learn From Watsons’ Engaging Cosmetic Product Display

3 Things We Can Learn From Watsons’ Engaging Cosmetic Product Display


The simple visual elements and excellent positioning are what made this POS makeup display example really attractive. But, as marketers, what can we learn from Watsons’ cosmetics merchandise display?


Things You an Learn from Watson’s Cosmetic Product Display

  • Make it Interactive: Customers can sit on the chair and try their testers and other makeup tools. This allows them to decide whether the product is good or if they like it. Their first-hand experience will help them make sound buying decisions.
  • Make It Engaging: The in-store cosmetic product display furthers brand engagement as customers use the products. They get exposed to the brand as they use each one of them. If they’re pleased, customers might even consider buying the product on the spot. It is, therefore, driving impulse purchase
  • Be Unique: The in-store cosmetic display truly stood out because it doesn’t look like the standard POS display. It is attracting more people, especially makeup junkies because the open display attracts more people.


Why You Need it Too?

The market shelves are packed full with so many cosmetics brands and what better way to stand out than setting up your own in-store display that drives foot traffic and attracts crowds? This example by Watsons’ is effective because all the elements put into the cosmetic product display are visually enticing:

  1. The POS display is complete with a table and cozy chair so customers can just sit back while an assistant apply makeup.
  2. The use of an acrylic table display informs shoppers about their promotion. This is a great way to call the attention of their target audience within busy shopping stores.
  3. Watsons’ display can be found along the aisle of the shop and is easy to spot. Onlookers who happen to catch the live demonstration might be encouraged to try the items as well. It helps the brand gain tremendous exposure and visibility inside the shopping store.

How You can Improve This Marketing Strategy

Marketers can use gift with purchase when they purchase a certain amount. One of the best cosmetic freebies is custom cosmetic pouch as it’s easy to produce in bulk and very flexible in terms of marketing and functionality. Here’s a great example:


Cosmetic brands, especially startups, should create buzz in store with contest giveaways. A gwp toiletry bag for men and women is a fantastic promotional idea to get customers talking about your brand.

Another way for cosmetic brands to make an impact in-store is to use custom POS displays that really reflect their brand name. Jelly and Gelato’s POs display is one good example. The display looks “yummy” and the choice of color certainly appealed to the younger market.


So, if you want to get your customers talking about your brand, make sure to think about your cosmetic product display- from adverts to marketing giveaways and promotional items. Luckily, The ODM Group is here to help you out!

With years of experience in the promotional products industry, you can rely on us for designing, sourcing, and manufacturing of promo gifts, POS display units, and custom retail merchandise. Contact us today!

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