This GWP Toiletry bag from Lab Series UK is the ultimate solution to keeping all of liquids and beauty products secure in one easy and accessible place. But most importantly, this promotional idea has massive marketing potential for companies within the beauty and cosmetics industry.

Lab Series UK offers patrons a free toiletry bag for any purchase of Lab Series products. Imagine receiving a GWP toiletry bag while simply buying your favourite product. It’s one incredible deal!

GWP Toiletry Bag from Lab Series - A Fresh Promotional Idea

GWP Toiletry Bag from Lab Series – A Fresh Promotional Idea

Lab Series’ GWP toiletry bag is made from a high-grade material. Its neutral colour easily blends with any style. Plus, the carefully calculated dimensions of the bag is perfect for everyday use.

What I love about this gift with purchase idea is that it goes really well with Lab Series UK’s roster of products. Now, organising your skin care products has never been this easy.

How can this GWP toiletry bag potentially boost sales?

  • Classy. The simple design and the good choice of colour add a modern and classy look to the pouch. Thus, attracting a wide range of customers, including stylists, beauty buffs, and fashion forward individuals.
  • Great Value. Getting two items for a price of one clearly gives customers great value for their budget. It basically helps them save more.
  • Durable. What we love about this bag is that it’s made from a sturdy material. So, it easily protects your stuff from outside elements.
  • Customisable. With its neutral tone, logos can easily be placed almost anywhere. Anyone can spot your brand by simply printing or embossing the logo.
  • Brand Awareness. Customers will always use the GWP toiletry bag since it’s handy and compact. Thus, easily promoting the brand.
GWP Toiletry Bag from Lab Series - A Fresh Promotional Idea

GWP Toiletry Bag from Lab Series – A Fresh Promotional Idea

How can this campaign be improved?

  • Variety. Simplicity may be the key to success, but adding a little extra may also lead to greatness. We highly suggest adding more colours or colour combination to the bag. This will attract both classic and funky customers.
  • POS Display. Using an informative POS display and an in-store display will definitely make the brand stand out. This makes shopping easy and promotes brand visibility.

People love practical and high-quality gift items so we are confident that it would help develop brand awareness and consequently increasing sales potential and profitability.

If you need any help with promotional products or ideas, feel free to speak with us! Here at ODM, we have a lot of experience in delivering high-quality design work to our clients. Why not contact us today to see if we can help you with any upcoming projects.

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