UK beauty blogger Zoella’s new line of bath and body products – Jelly & Gelato – is getting the attention it deserves with its unique cosmetics POS display.

Unique Cosmetics POS Display to Boost Brand Visibility

Unique Cosmetics POS Display to Boost Brand Visibility

To attract customers, one must be creative in presenting their product. That’s what Zoella did. The use of an ice cream cart POS display makes her brand stand out.

What Makes this Cosmetics POS Display an Effective Marketing Move?

Here are some of the things we love about Jelly & Gelato’s cosmetics POS display. You may want to steal these promotional ideas for your brand.

  • Visually Appealing: The ice cream cart looks attractive in pastel colors which match her product really well. It attracts curious onlookers, especially girls. Those who are not familiar with the brand will be curious to see what they’re selling. This helps strengthen brand recall and expand market reach.
  • Strategic Location: The cosmetics POS display is placed near the window so it really stands out. Shoppers can peek through the glass window to see what the cart has to offer. This helps increase brand exposure and revenue.
  • Neat Display: The products are displayed properly with similar items grouped together. There were no other decorations that might distract customers’ attention.
  • Theme: Customers love themed shops as it gives a unique feel. In this case, the ice cream cart suits the brand name Jelly & Gelato. You can also think of a theme that will suit your business needs. This will boost brand awareness and attract more customers.

The wheels on Jelly & Gelato’s ice cream cart POS display do not work. If you like this idea, you may want to use carts that can be wheeled outside the shop. This is great for guerilla marketing, trade shows or special promos.

Indeed, a little creativity will make your brand stand out!

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