Participating in Trade Shows or Events Sponsorship Activation is a great promotional strategy for your brand to boost exposure and visibility. To stand out and catch people’s attention, roll out a Custom Inflatable Arch in the promotion of the next event!

About the Custom Inflatable Arch

Custom Inflatable Arch

Custom Inflatable Arch

Inflatable Arches can always be seen at entrances or exits to races, concerts, trade fairs, and sports events. There can also be smaller versions of it at individual trade show booths.

They can be either made of Oxford Nylon, Polyester or PVC Tarpaulin. They come in various sizes, shapes and colours. Each arch comes with an electric pump.


Why You Should Have a Custom Inflatable Arch for your Event Promotion


Design possibilities are endless with the custom inflatable arch. You can decide the size, shape, or colour of the arch.

The inflatable arch can also have special designs and additions to it. For example, if it is a night event, you can add LED lights to illuminate your brand. As the material is waterproof, you can also have an arch that floats on water.

Custom Inflatable Arch

Custom Inflatable Arch

Needing help with designing an inflatable arch, our design team can help you with just that!


Boost Brand Visibility

Custom Inflatable Arch is a great way to advertise your brand at events. They are usually placed at entrances and exits of events, so many people will go past it. By adding your logo and colours on the arch, your brand will immediately be the main focus of the event.

If you are a sponsor for a certain event, a custom inflatable arch will definitely allow effective activation and bring you good returns.


Attract Customers

Setting up an inflatable arch or pillar at your exhibition stand will allow you to stand out and draw a lot of attention. Having your brand logo big and clear will allow attendees to notice your brand from a distance.



The Custom Inflatable Arch is lightweight and compact to bring around. They are also very easy to set up and to take down, and will not take too long to do so.



The material is highly durable and will not wear and tear after a long time. Hence, it is a cost-effective way to promote your brand in the long run.


Our Learning Points

A custom inflatable arch is a great and convenient promotional tool to have for your trade show marketing or sponsorship activation. Overall, they are highly customisable to suit your brand and will capture people’s attention. Interested in a custom inflatable arch, do not hesitate to reach out to us and quote the code ODM-3021.

How We Can Help

If you are looking Events Merchandisetrade show gift, or promotional ideas, our team is more than willing to assist you with your needs.

We have been in the promotional products industry for over 17 years, and we offer a broad range of services, from promotional product design to product sourcing, to manufacturing and to logistics and shipping. You entrust us with everything and we will ensure you with high-quality promotional products.

Furthermore, we have an in-house design team, Mindsparkz, to assist you with brainstorming and design.


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