An on-shelf point of purchase display is any advertising material attached on the shelf to stimulate sales, encourage impulse buys, and improve product visibility within the retail environment. Examples are shelf banners, wobblers, and talkers. Shelf frame is another example that we always see in retail stores. This type of POP display offers your company a lot of room for creative branding. Take a look at this example by the brand Simply. We came across this simple, yet effective display at a grocery store in the Philippines.

On-Shelf Point of Purchase Display

On-Shelf Point of Purchase Display


Why this On-Shelf Point of Purchase Display Works?


The shelf frame features their social media accounts and the benefits of this particular cooking oil. The display says “Great for Frying” and “Good for the Heart.” It contains essential information that is not usually found on the packaging. This is an ingenious call-to-action that really works. Those who are satisfied with the product may want to leave a review or recommend them to their friends.

On-Shelf Point of Purchase Display

On-Shelf Point of Purchase Display

Sets Brand Apart

The blue cardboard frame was an interesting little touch on the shelf. It makes the products pop as it creates an eye-catching color contrast. Because of this on-shelf marketing display, it has become easier to find this particular brand.

Creates an Immediate Call to Action

Without the frame, the bottles of cooking oil will just be another item on the shelf. But the frame diverted our attention toward the products and away from its competitors. It creates an immediate call to action that is hard to ignore. In addition to that, their social media accounts are also posted on the frame so that customers may be enticed to check out their online page.


When faced with rows of similar-looking products, buyers tend to buy products that easily catch their attention. I did take one of these cooking oil bottles simply because I felt the display had made an impact on me. The products were located in the back with less foot traffic, so adding the frame was a smart way to make that section of the store livelier with a pop of color.


Our Key Takeaways…

Shelf frames and other on-shelf point of purchase displays are an inexpensive way to stand out within busy retail stores. Cardboard is the favorite material of choice of many designers so they are really easy to customize, install, and to take down after the promotion is over.

Because people nowadays spend a lot of time online, on-shelf merchandising displays and signage are also an ingenious way to transform the retail shelf into your own in-store “business card.” Furthermore, they are fairly inexpensive to design and manufacture so incorporating them in your shelf in-store promotions will certainly help you cut back on your marketing spending.


How Can ODM Help?

Were you inspired by this particular example? Would an on-shelf point of purchase display help your company reach its marketing goals? Feel free to contact ODM to learn how we can help you.

For more point of purchase display ideas, we listed some of our favorite case studies below.


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