We love this Point Of Purchase Display by Glenmorangie, it has the resemblance of a luxury whiskey cabinet which you would likely find in a manor house or country club. Therefore, this strategic design will appeal to extravagant regulars who enjoy their products, or even new customers who wish to dabble in the splendour of these high-end sipping whiskeys.

Point Of Purchase Display

Point Of Purchase Display


What are the benefits of designing a point of purchase display?

Point Of Purchase Display

Point Of Purchase Display


Designing a customized POS Display Stand gives you a competitive advantage because it’s easy for your customers to distinguish you from rivals. However, the design of the display must be personal for customers to feel a connection to the company. For example, Glenmorangie enlarging its logo on the display was a great idea. This is because not only does the interesting design help existing customers to identify the company, but it will also help grab the attention of prospective customers.


You need your customers to pay attention to your display over those by competitors. Therefore, you must ensure that your design gives a unique impression of your brand. As a result, customers will not only be attracted to your display, they’ll also be able to gain an understanding of your company’s values. For example, the rib-like structure of the led lightbox makes Glenmorangie’s Signet Whiskey look like the heart of the display. As a result, customers will understand that this is not just a bottle of whiskey. It shows that Glenmorangie has nurtured and crafted this soul-soothing drink with the care and dedication needed to make it the whiskey it is today.



By creating your own point of purchase display, you do not have to share your advertising space with competitors. Therefore, the perceived value of your products will increase because customers will see that you are not a basic off-the-shelf product which can be found within the sea of whiskeys. Instead, they’ll believe that your promotion is so luxurious that the divide between your products and the standard alternatives is unfathomable. Additionally, you can strategically place complementary items, such as whiskey tumblers, alongside your own products. As a result, you can boost sales as customers who were initially going to buy 1 product will be encouraged to buy 2 items.



First impressions count. To keep a customer interested, you need to dazzle your customers when they first lay eyes on your display. Therefore, the use of POP displays is a great way to achieve this because the design choices are unlimited. For example, the combination of contrasting black and yellow bars with LEDs and the enlarged logo have been cleverly used to make this retail POP display by Glenmorangie match their Signet bottle design. As a result, customers will associate the feeling of delight when seeing the well-thought-out display with the design on the bottle itself and will want to take it home to marvel at in their own whiskey cabinet.


How could this point of purchase display be improved?

  • Giveaways – Nothing makes customers remember your brand quite like free promotional gifts. The Australian wine company Wolf Blass is gifting their customers with a complimentary cooler bag and lunch box with selected purchases. This idea both incentivises customers to buy more products to qualify for the gift and also increases the perceived value of your brand.


  • Going the extra mile – Not many companies put in the effort to decorate the most important aspect of the display, the product itself! Therefore, creating branded bottle glorifiers is a great way to make your drinks stand out to customers. In the example below, Glenlivet has designed a themed custom whiskey bottle glorifier. Creating designs for events is also an effective strategy to boost sales. This is because people will buy these products from the association with these much-loved occasions.


In Conclusion

Designing your own custom point of purchase display that reflects your brand is one of the best ways to differentiate your brand from the rest. Not only will you be able to grow your consumer base through customer engagement, but you will also increase the number of products your customers purchase per visit. As a result, you will experience a boost in sales and gain rapid brand awareness.

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