Check out these practical branded gifts for customers from Wolf Blass at Wellcome Hong Kong. A glass lunch box and insulated cooler bag are up grabs with every purchase of 3 (or more) bottles of Wolf Blass Yellow Label.

Branded Gifts for Customers

Branded Gifts for Customers


Free gift promotions are surefire way to gain you more customers as shoppers are more motivated to buy from you when they knew they will get additional items in return. Moreover, branded gifts for customers can help you get your message across effectively and gain unlimited advertising benefits the more the products are used.


Branded Gifts for Customers by Wolf Blass – What Stood Out?

  • Design: We love the simple and sleek design of the insulated cooler bag and glass lunch box. The simple gold on black logo made a strong impression that suits their brand image.
Branded Gifts for Customers

Branded Gifts for Customers

  • Practical Value: The custom cooler bag will keep food and drinks chilled for hours, perfect to take on outings or when travelling. As it is a tote bag, carrying the cooler is easy. Customers will also love the glass lunch box because it has an airtight seal to prevent grease and sauce from leaking. This is not the first time Wolf Blass had used an insulated drink bag as gwp. Here’s an example from their previous campaign:

Not only is this perfect for wine, but other food and drink items can be put in here. Ideal for camping, swimming, and other outdoor activities, the beverage container will certainly find utility in the hands of their customers.

Here, Wolf Blass gave away free wine bag as part of their airport promotion scheme. Offering custom wine bottle bags at airports will help customers carry their wine bottles with ease.

  • Cost-Effective: Wolf Blass’s branded gifts for customers are worth $98 when bought separately but customers can get them for free whenever they purchase 3 or more 750mL or 1L bottle of wine in one single transaction.
  • Location: We found this poster in this corner of the store but we felt that it would have made greater impact if it was placed where there is high foot traffic, like checkout counters, windows and doors.
Branded Gifts for Customers

Branded Gifts for Customers


Branded Gifts for Customers : What are the Benefits?

Gift with purchase schemes are especially useful during seasons when your sales are really low. This is because the extra incentive gives customers more reasons to make a purchase. It serves as the final push for shoppers who are still undecided as to what brand to buy. Here are other reasons why you need to offer branded gifts for customers:

  • Customer Retention: Offering customer gifts show that you are committed to providing products that will make their life more convenient. When customers receive something from the brands they support, they feel happy and satisfied. They feel your commitment to serving them. Thus, benefitting your company in the long run.
  • Brand Remembrance: Custom branded merchandise can gain your brand long lasting brand recognition as customers use your promotional products. In our example, the merchandise being offered are all branded and are practical. Customers will appreciate the gift and will come to associate the brand with high-quality gift with purchase items. The tangible remembrance from the company can help build better relationships with customers and ultimately result to higher sales.
  • Raise Sales: Shoppers are more likely to show interest in your brand when rewards and other forms of customer incentives are involved in your promotion. And Wolf Bass got it right. Customers will eventually feel that the gifts are worth the money they are going to spend on 3 or more bottles of their wine.


What We Learned from Wolf Blass

Wolf Blass’s branded gifts for customers are not only effective in promoting their brand but they also show how committed the brand is in providing high-quality products that their customers will love. They were able to show their appreciation towards their customers’ continued support through their wine merch. Thus, the strategy creates a more solid relationship with their new and existing customers.


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