Famous dairy products brand Anlene is promoting their milk products through free gift promotions in the popular Co-Op Mart in Ho Chi Minh City! Such a promotion effectively catches customers’ eyes, as free gift promotions help a product stand out from the crowd. This is especially so in popular supermarkets where competition is  intense. As such, customers are more likely to purchase your product.

Free Gift Promotions

Anlene Free Gift Promotion

Anlene uses a simple promotion in order to attract customers to its brand. Customers get a gift with purchase, with a free Dahlia bowl with the purchase of 2 milk cans.

Why are free gift promotions so effective in attracting new customers?

  • Added Value: They are effective in increasing product value. Customers, therefore, feel more positive about their purchases, and the brand in general.
  • Customer Loyalty: Customers can be persuaded by the brand to make re-purchases if they are satisfied with their previous purchases. Customers would also choose companies that correctly demonstrates its appreciation for its customers.
  • Brand Awareness: Company logos can be printed on the promotional gift offer. This helps to build your brand as the consumers re-use the free gifts over and over again.
  • Advertising: Free gift promotions can be considered an effective way to boost shelf advertising. They are effective tools for advertising, as other people who see the free gifts may inquire about your business. This could therefore help bring in new customers.

Therefore, as seen from the analysis above, the benefits of having free gifts and customer giveaways with purchases are wide ranging, which would most certainly improve visibility and sales of the aforementioned product!

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