Winter and Snowboarding season is a few months away so now is the time to start planning for your winter promotions. What is the best way to make your customer buy new snowboarding gear? Offer free snowboarding accessories that are useful to every snowboarder when customers buy new gear!

Free Snowboarding Accesories with the Purchase of New Gear!

Pictured above is the promotional campaign used by a snowboard store in order to entice their customers to purchase new gear at the beginning of the winter sports season. Free accessories are always winners to make that impulse purchase for some new gear. The products being offered for free go hand in hand with the product that the clients need to purchase in order to receive the gift…..

  • when buying boots a customer receives a pair of socks.
  • when a customer buys new bindings he receives the tool to fix and tighten the bindings when on the slopes.
  • For the purchase of a new board the customer receives a special locking accessory in order to protect his board when it is out of sight.

These are very targeted gifts that go well with the product being purchased. Complimentary products usually work really well as promotional gifts – bowls with cereals, stubby holders with drinks etc…

Make sure to schedule your winter promotional campaigns and free gifts early during autumn or during the last months of summer in order to avoid any shipping or production issues.

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