Petroleum company Shell Malaysia is currently offering a number of free gifts with purchase, bundled with different styles of shell Helix brand oils. They can be obtained at any participating Shell Helix workshops and spare parts shops.

Being a limited time promotion from 15th July to 15th of August,  this helps generate exclusivity and higher perceived value for customers, increasing Shell Helix sales for the period.

Simply buy any Shell Helix brand petrol to get:

  • A free porcelain dinnerware set
  • Free stainless steel glass cutlery
  • Free container set

Decorated with flowers, this dinnerware set is a great for use during dinners as it gives an aura of elegance as it is laid on the dinner table.

Packaged in a gift box, this cutlery set is can be used by consumers either as a gift for others or for personal use during meals.

With various sizes on offer, this container set can store a wide variety of foodstuffs, great for storing leftovers or transporting food to parties.

Overall, it is notable that all 3 products offered work well together, giving consumers the synergy of an enhanced dining experience. This encourages consumers to buy all 3 brands of Shell Helix for their cars for the items.   Notice that Shell logo is not very evident as it would greatly reduce the appeal and perceived value of these gifts.

 Another interesting thing to note is that Shell Singapore was also offering promotional sports bottles with purchase of Shell Helix petrol. From this, Shell Malaysia can be seen offering more promotions catering to all members of the family…

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