As part of a promotion for subscription, the UK car magazine Top Gear Turbo Challenge has introduced nine promotional gifts as part of subscriptions to the magazine.

Top Gear Turbo Magazine free gifts

The advantage of these gifts is the requirement for subscriptions. In order for a consumer to get all of these 9 gifts, they must subscribe and wait for the first five issues to arrive.

Low cost trading cards are used to start with, working up a beanie hat and rucksack, meaning that most customers will be looking for the latter two gifts, and therefore will need to subscribe for all five issues to get the most desired gifts.

This gives the company five chances to ‘hook’ the potential long term consumers compared to the usual ‘one-off’ consumers who are looking for free gifts, such as is the case with covermounts or On-Pack promos.

There is an increased chance of repeat subscription due to the premier gift being trading cards. This allows for the consumer to start playing the card game while waiting to receive other gifts, and potentially become ‘hooked’ to the game, and therefore may indulge in not only repeat subscription, but also card sales.

These gifts include:

1. 4 packs of trading cards free with first delivery

Top Gear Turbo playing cards

2. A ‘Stig’ stationary set free with second delivery

The Stig Stationary set

3. A magazine Boxfile and holographic stickers free with third delivery

Top Gear Boxfile

4. A Top Gear rucksack free with fourth delivery

Top Gear Rucksack

5. A top Gear Beanie hat free with fifth delivery

Top Gear Beanie Hat

These free gifts can save the consumer over £10 compared to buying through the BBC website (Owners of the magazine) as seen here on the BBC Top Gear Shop.

The promotion is aimed at younger TV viewers (the magazines main target audience) and has been marketed at the right time, as parents are starting to think about purchasing items for school.   By including a stationery set and a rucksack, it may attract parents already looking for school equipment to tempt their children to enjoy classes..

Top Gear Turbo Magazine

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