Kingsmill in the United Kingdom are running an exclusive offer to consumers – Purchase with Purchase campaign with gifts for multiple purchases of their bread, rolls or bakery favourites (pancakes, crumpets and muffins).

The promotional campaign

The company has used the internationally recognised characters of ‘Wallace and Gromit’ to represent these three different products:

The Kingsmill promotional gifts

  1. Rapide-O-Matic Preserves Dispenser

Promotional jam dispenser

The product is a Motorcycle with side-car, in which a holder sits for jams and preserves and a spoon sits on the back. The product features the two characters, and has a mechanism so that when pulled back the vehicle will ‘drive’ self-sufficiently, and has detachable spoon and pot for easy cleaning. In order to claim this gift the consumers must collect either:

  • 15 tokens + £1 (for shipping costs)
  • 8 tokens + £3
  • 4 tokens + £8

They then send away for their free gift and it is delivered to them as promptly as possible.

2. Lunch-O-Safe Lunchbox

wallace and gromit lunchbox

The second product is a lunch box with a safe device on the front in order to keep thieves away! It entails a locking device, which once pulled down unlocks the lunchbox. For this free gift the consumers must collect either:

  • 8 tokens + £1
  • 4 tokens + £4

3.  Egg and Soldiers Holders

egg and soldiers promo gift

The final gift is egg and soldiers holders (holders for boiled eggs and toast) featuring the characters faces for the egg holders and boxes with partitions for the toast. Consumers must collect either:

  • 8 tokens + £1
  • 4 tokens + £4

In addition, consumers can enter into a prize draw for signed versions of the gifts on the Kingsmill website by allowing themself and a friend on the companies email listing.

This gives a particular benefit to the company as it allows for low cost advertising through the introduction of friends, which can be repeated. Promotional Products for the kitchen are always a winner.

It is also beneficial to the company through the branding on the products itself, it allows for increased advertising as seen in the lunchbox.

The token system is advantageous because in order for consumers to get all three of the products for £1 each they would need to get 31 tokens before the 31st of September (promotion expiry date) which is an ambitious target. This means that consumers will purchase items with fewer tokens allowing for some redemption of costs from the corporation.

Even the most successful companies need promotional goods. These goods can entice consumers to choose your corporation over others and increase both brand loyalty and brand identity.

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