EXIT, a German group opposing right-wing extremism, distributed T-shirts with a secret message to 250 people at a neo-Nazi rock concert.  The message was revealed upon washing.

ODM do not usually comment on Neo-Nazis, but given the target audience we were impressed by the Communication Mechanism used.

Before Wash: Slogan on the shirts first read “hardcore rebels” along with a skull and nationalist flags. 

After Wash: “If your t-shirt can do it, you can do it too – we’ll help you get away from right-wing extremism,” reads the slogan on the shirts after their first washing.

We were very impressed by the degree of creativity seen here – this category of T-shirts opens up a whole new dimension of marketing for anti-campaigns. The unexpected transition plants the message deeper in the recipients’ mind, allowing it to be memorable. That is probably the main aim of such promotions..

Suggestion: Whilst EXIT is very serious about the message they put across, this T-shirt can also be used for a prank promotion to get your brand noticed!

Well, start getting creative and put on your thinking caps everyone. Share with us your quirky ideas on how you like to hide your subliminal messages on promotional products – we can brainstorm and work this out together.

Other options are heat sensitive or UV sensitive inks for your promos.