Here is a creative idea which involves innovative packaging for drinks promos – a Beer can with compressed T-shirt inside.

This interesting promotional item will promote brand awareness for your drinks through the logo printed on both the can and T-shirt.  It is an appealing in-store or as an on-premises promo to encourage sales.

There are an increasing number of promotional products in the drinks market – this item stands out!

The T-shirts are packaged in tin cans that have a slot in the top to enable dual function – making them a piggy bank.  T-shirts in a can make a terrific novelty gift and your target audience will always get the utility factor.  Database ref. ODM-3158

On-pack advertising encourages buyers to buy your product  – offering this can as part of your standard multi can packaging will help you stand out from competition..

ODM can help you in many ways to further boost your campaign by coming up with innovative ideas as a giveaway to customers to promote campaign. On-pack-gift draws in more customers.

Towels, Underwear and other compressed garments can be offered instead.   Ties and scarves could also be an option.  We could also substitute a whole range of other products depending on the promo and what would work for you..

Thinking of ways to make your brand or campaign stand out from the competition. Contact us to design and produce useful and unique customized items at a affordable prices!