The famous Korean clothing company, Mind bridge, have recently implemented promotional mugs for their Valentine’s day promotion in China. This promotion offers a free gift with purchase of products that accumulate to the set price.

As a Valentines day promotion, consumers are offered a free mug when spending over the price of 998RMB, providing not only the clothing product itself as a gift, but the addition of a stylish mug for Valentines day.

Valentines Day Promotion: Branded Mug by Mind Bridge

Valentines Day Promotion: Branded Mug by Mind Bridge

What we like about this Valentines Day Promotion:

  • Unique design. The selection of four different colours, along with the unique handle design, makes it a styles and exclusive promotional product for those that are interested in providing a fashionable addition to their clothing gift for Valentines day.
  • High Quality. The use of a high quality product is important as it reflects the brands “working people” image, offering Valentine’s day recipients a high class gift that aligns with the sophistication of the clothing products.
  • Purchasing encouragement. Rewards consumers that purchase the clothes as well as creating initiative to spend more on Mind Bridge products.
  • Colour Variance. Due to the variation and choice of four colours it can appeal to certain consumers that are interested in collectors items.

Promotional mugs are a very successful and adaptable way of expanding a company and their brand image. They can vary in shape, size, colour and style in addition to the logo and design printed on the mug itself. For Mind Bridge they use their known phrase “The icon of working people”, promoting their fashionable image through the mug design itself as well as the eye catching slogan at the front.

Here at ODM we have years of experience in manufacturing promotional products. If you’re interested in gift with purchase promotion we have many dedicated sales staff at hand to provide specialist assistance on custom products and will be happy to to assist you in your inquiries.

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