On 14 February 2013, Starbucks Singapore wished fans happy Valentine’s Day. They also announced that they had hit 200,000 likes on Facebook. As an incentive for liking their page, Starbucks Singapore selected 20 random fans to receive an exclusive limited edition Starbucks Mini Card. This marketing gift is fully stocked with $20 cash value to be used at any Starbucks stores in Singapore.

Marketing Gift - Starbucks Singapore Valentine Promotion

Marketing Gift – Starbucks Singapore Valentine Promotion

The Perfect Marketing Gift

Within 4 hours, Starbucks Singapore fan page gained about another 450 fans. The post itself received 4,423 likes and 248 shares. Why with the craze? Social media is a powerful tool to advertise your brand. Try putting the power of social media and marketing gift together. The impact is massive!

This promotional campaign is exciting as it requires customers participation. It increases brand image for sure. Offering an incentive product for their participation is simply brilliant. Not only that, Starbucks Singapore is giving away exclusive limited edition product. This is what marketing experts call the rule of scarcity. Exclusivity has increased the perceived value of this membership card exponentially.

Now Starbucks allow their customers to transfer the information from one membership card to another. This makes the product appealing not just to new customers but existing patrons. This promotion can increase brand loyalty of existing customer and expanding market share at the same time. This promotional product also helped to widen their Facebook fan base. It makes social media marketing more effective with more target audience.

In order to keep its positive brand image, Starbucks have to give away marketing gifts with good quality. To add into the perceived value of this mini membership card, Starbucks has attached a tag from what seemed like a recycled paper. You may think that it is nothing, but consumers nowadays are very conscious about the environment. Offering eco-friendly products shows a good corporate social responsibility. And save the trees, anyway! Let’s prevent global warming together.