Just saw the new “Mini Starbucks Card” a fidelity card, at a Starbucks Coffee shop in Hong Kong.  It is an even more convenient version of Starbucks normal Card for customers on-the-go.   Small in size it can be attached to a key chain. (They could enhance this keyring with Lost-Key System)

The concept & mechanism is simple -Register on Starbucks website and load money on the card.  This way you do not need to pay with cash at Starbucks, and you can receive special rewards and benefits; Complimentary beverage on the day of your birthday, free refills on brewed coffee and promise of much more to come such as redemption gifts.

We believe this promotional card is a great opportunity for any retailer to secure client loyalty. At Starbucks, you can even choose to set your card for auto-reload, transferring funds directly and securely. A long term relationship is created with customers in this way.

A money-loaded customized gift card can be a great gift for Christmas.   By registering on the website, you will also obtain interesting information about your clients which will help you further understand your target market

We expect to see this card being rolled out in many more markets around the world, used for much more elaborate promotional products campaigns and tracking moving forward.   Their Web Gifts Section is limited but sure to improve as more people sign up.