Pernod Ricard, is very famous for its Pastis 51 drink.  Not only have they launched a new bottle design, 51 decided to change the way people drink Pastis. For the purchase of 1 bottle on Pastis 51 get a “51 picine” glass (51 Swimming pool).

Cédric Malo‘s new design offers a larger glass to pour more ice cubes in and remind clients of the summer atmosphere for this Pastis brand (very famous in South of France).

Gifts with purchase are always a great way to assure a sale and communciate this new style to their clients.   ODM like the new designs and this promotional mechanism for comminicating.  This group offer gifts to their clients and sponsor big events so we will see lots more promotional products around this branding effort..

Do not hesitate to contact ODM for new designs and to learn about other promotional campaigns using glass.