Je lis déjà (I can read) is a French monthly magazine for children.   The magazine works around a pictorial story about a famous character – also including a quiz, comics, games and a little article on the topic. It is a very helpful tool for helping young children to learn and practice reading, to develop their logic and to teach them to be observant.

Covermount Gifts

This month for the release of Shrek 4 Je lis déjà offers a nice on pack covermount, a gift with purchase to enjoy the last of the holidays.   (promo coincides with back to school season)

Plastic Covermount gift

The A kit of 3 outdoor games featured on this on-pack are a triangle frisbee / normal frisbee  /boomerang. Not sure why a magazine would decide to give away 3 such similar gifts on 1 magazine but sure they had their reasons – maybe cost implications for buying without having to group a selection promotional gifts from the different factories.  However, grouping orders from a few factories should not be a problem for most buying offices.   ODM suggest this is not a good promotional campaign for this reason.

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