Due to growing of competition all companies-participants are really interested in different ways of attraction and retention customers. In other words if your market is mature you need to find the way to promote your production. This concerns not only producers of goods but also those companies who sell information. In this case offering covermount gifts is a great promotional idea for all kinds of magazines.

Covermount Gifts - Golf Set Toy from Peppa Pig

Covermount Gifts – Golf Set Toy from Peppa Pig

Here you can see one really good example of using this promotional concept which is presented in Cebu, Philipins. Made for Peppa Pig, the Peppa Pig magazine offers their customers free gift with purchase. They can take free golf set toy as a gwp.

Why do we like covermount gifts as marketing idea?

  • Boost your sales. Covermount gifts are usually related to the main idea of magazine and focused on target audience.  What can be better for kids magazine than toys or sweets. In this case producers offer golf set gift toy which will surely catch children’s eyes. Actually golf is not a typical kids sport game and this will intrigue buyers kids even more effectively than sweets. Besides customers will be motivated for making purchase because they will see opportunity to engage their kids with this toy for a certain time.
  • Additional customers. All we can be appealed by free gifts and this is also about kids. Even if children don’t really like to read or viewing magazines they will like to get covermount gift from their favorite characters. Besides free gift toy is one more reason for parents to buy this magazine in order to encourage their kids. In this case parents will be glad that they motivate their kids to read more and satisfy their kids at the same time.
  • Customer loyalty builds up. The main advantage of on pack promo gifts is ability to use it when the exact product will be finished. In this case when the magazine will already be read customer’s kids will continue to play this toy game.

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