Offering covermount gifts with magazines or books are a great marketing strategy to increase brand awareness. It is an excellent way to offer a little branded merchandise for your company. The famous magazine, Mountain Bike is using this strategy and are now offering free pedal-spanners offered with purchase of their magazine. It’s a great way to promote together through affiliate marketing.

Pedal-Spanner as Free Covermount Gift with Magazine

Pedal-Spanner as Free Covermount Gift with Magazine

The magazine is offering a branded MBUK pedal-spanner together with a branded cover case. This is a good example of collaboration between two companies in same businesses.

How can your Company Benefit from a Covermount Gift?

For covermount gifts, the usual method packaging is basically placing the product in a transparent plastic sleeve and being mounted on the cover of the magazine with adhesive tape or glue. Hence the name covermount.

Covermount gifts are excellent because they create more awareness and boosts sales in the short-run.
Below are some key issues to consider when deciding if this is the right strategy for you:

  • Bulk costs of the covermount gift.
  • Added value to the product.
  • Impulse purchase factors.
  • The target group.
  • Cost Benefit Analysis.
  • Potential sales growth.
Pedal-Spanner as Free Covermount Gift with Magazine

Pedal-Spanner as Free Covermount Gift with Magazine

Covermount gifts are an excellent way to increase brand awareness together with similar companies. Cooperation between two companies about promotional products like this is a great way to increase sales together. Both companies will find it beneficial, as they will not necessarily be competing with each other.  This naturally means lower costs and higher earnings for both companies.

Feel free to contact the ODM Group to learn more about covermount gifts. We have years of experience with sourcing promotional products for companies all over the world.

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Når et nyt magasin kommer på gaden er det som regel pakket ind i plastic. Dette gør at man kan markedsføre et ekstra produkt sammen med magasinet. Dette er en god strategi, hvis du ønsker kunder til at købe impuls og dermed øge dit brand kendskab og totale salg.