With the rapid development of Online Poker in the last few years, the number of poker players worldwide has dramatically increased.  If your current target consumers fall into the high-end category of the market,  a Poker chip case might be a good promotional business giftfor year end or Christmas.

Below are some amazing statistics:

  • In the US, around 18% of the population played poker last year
  • 72% of the Poker Player Alliance members in the USA have some college education
  • 75% of them are between 30 and 64 years old
  • 47% earn more than $ 50 000 a year*

A poker chip case can be seen as a winning gift. Associate your brand with luxury, high rollers, fun, games & luck.    You can customize the sets by size, shape and colors (even the chip colours). Captive audience since poker games usually last for hours.

Be careful if you feel that your brand should not be associated with gambling.   This decision really depends on the country of the recipients and the company which is gifting the set.

*According to the latest 2009 PPA survey