A Jack Daniel’s promo can mean a lot of things. It can be a shot glass gift with purchase, a messenger bag, an on-pack pourer, or a shirt. This world-class whiskey brand has been satisfying the thirst for liquor of many for 150 years now. It is so well loved that more marketing giveaways keep popping up all over the globe.

Another attractive campaign that has come to our attention is the Jack Daniel’s promo at Tesco in the UK! Jack Daniel’s has this Poker Gift Set given away as a gift with purchase promotion. The pack includes a bottle of Jack Daniel’s, a pack of poker cards, dices and poker chips.

Jack Daniel's promo

Jack Daniel’s Poker Set Promotion

Great Things about a Jack Daniel’s Promo

  • Product Relations -This is a great promo idea because whiskey and poker have strong links. Poker games are perfect for gatherings of friends and around the consumption of drinks.
  • Packaging – We find the promo gift set very appealing because of its packaging style. It allows users to have a peek at the content, where each of the items is clearly displayed.
  • Branding – Every free merchandise in the pack has the brand’s logo printed on it. A brilliant strategy to promote its brand when customers use them.

Promo gift bundles are often more attractive than a single on-pack gift. Customers feel that they receive ‘more’; thus, they get more encouraged to buy and effectively increase sales for the brand.

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