Trends come and go- be it in the fashion or advertising industry. We have seen a huge shift in the promotional product trends at the beginning of 2020 due to COVID 19. So, what are the trending products today and should you be jumping into the bandwagon?

Due to the recent COVID 19 situation, our lifestyle has drastically changed. Our needs have also changed. One of those changes can be observed in the usual office and work culture. No longer are we confined within the walls of our office cubicle.

We also noticed that many people have turned to baking and DIYs while on self-isolation. As such, there is an increase in the demand for baking and carpentry tools. Others are turning to art to ease their boredom.

But the increase in the demand for face masks and personal hygiene items greatly surprised us. And we can say that this will not stay as a passing trend but will definitely be the “new normal.

To give you an idea of what custom promotional merchandise will give you the most value for your marketing budget, here is an overview of what is trending in the promotional product industry.


Promotional Product Trends in 2020

Desktop Promotional Items

With work from home becoming a trend, there is also a need for desktop products that will help employees to be productive while working from home. Here are some of them:

Custom Desktop Organizers

Help employees to streamline their tasks by offering branded desktop organizers. This will help them keep their essential office items in one convenient place, saving them time and energy looking for the tools they need.

Promotional Product Trends- Desktop Organizer

Promotional Product Trends- Desktop Organizer

Cable Organizers

Say goodbye to snags and tangles! Keep your table mess-free with these super cute cable organizers. To make it an effective promotional item, we suggest using brand colors or logo. This way, recipients will always be reminded of the company whenever they use them. Contact our team with product code ODM-1992 or ODM-2088.

Promotional Product Trends - Cable Organizers

Promotional Product Trends – Cable Organizers

Magnetic Whiteboard

Brainstorm and plan your project with a magnetic whiteboard. This is especially useful when doing group projects and meetings. As this is magnetic, it also serves as a backboard for when you have notes or documents you need to post. The magnets eliminate the use of pins that leave unsightly punch holes in the paper.

Promotional Product Trends -Custom Magnetic Whiteboard

Promotional Product Trends -Custom Magnetic Whiteboard


Wireless Products

Wireless promotional products such as bluetooth speakers and wireless chargers will never go out of trend. Being wireless presents a lot of benefits in terms of functionality and branding.

Branded Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth speakers are among the most wanted gift today. Not only are they hip and trendy, but they also help amplify your message in more ways than one. We have posted about Bluetooth speakers before and one of those speakers that stood out is these mini speakers. Portability is its major selling point. Quote product code ODM-2150 when contacting our team.

Promotional Product Trends - Promotional Mini Bluetooth Speakers

Promotional Product Trends – Promotional Mini Bluetooth Speakers


Wireless Charger

We love this wireless charger because it allows users to connect and recharge multiple devices at once. The product code for this product is ODM-2124.

Promotional Product Trends

Promotional Product Trends


Cooking and DIY Products

Baking and DIY projects have helped many people cope with the pandemic. This is why baking, cooking, and repair tools are selling like hotcakes today. From a marketing manager’s perspective, it presents an opportunity to get your brand into the hands of your customers.

Tool Kits

Get your brand printed into one of these tool kits to create top-of-mind awareness while using the tools. They come in a wide variety of bespoke shapes. Are you interested in these products? Read the blog to know more about it!


Custom Silicone Baking Moulds

Since many shops have closed at the height of the pandemic, homeowners have started learning baking. Not only is it fun, but it is therapeutic as well. From a brand manager’s perspective, we can say that offering baking utensils as a marketing gift or contest gift along with other kitchen and baking items. Contact our team with product code ODM-2325 to learn more about this item.

Promotional Product Trends- Custom Silicone Baking Moulds

Promotional Product Trends- Custom Silicone Baking Moulds


Custom Kitchen Timers

These kitchen timers are a must-have especially if you are still learning the art of cooking. Promotional kitchen timers are flexible and versatile so they make fantastic household promo gifts. Shapes and colors can be customized however you want! Are you interested in this promotional product idea? Contact our team with product code ODM-2710.

Promotional Product Trends- Kitchen Timer

Promotional Product Trends- Kitchen Timer


Silicone Gloves

Complete your baking set! Silicone covered gloves are one of the hottest baking products today. Silicone is heat and fire-resistant, making it a safer option than the ordinary cooking gloves. As a business owner, you want to offer them as a complimentary gift with purchase or a redemption reward with other high-end kitchen appliances.

Promotional Product Trends - Silicone Covered Gloves

Promotional Product Trends – Silicone Covered Gloves


Delivery Services

To augment their sales, business establishments that have started to operate but with limited capacity have migrated their services online. They are offering delivery services so that customers could shop in the comfort of their homes. Our prediction is that the hype around environment-friendly packaging will intensify even more.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

But with the increased interest in online shopping and food delivery services comes the need for sustainable product packaging. Many are still using plastic, but this is the right time to be looking at eco-friendly alternatives such as paper and wheat straws, wheat packaging, bamboo-based packaging, as well as compostable paper packaging.

Custom Cargo Bikes

Not a promotional product, but we are positive that bikes will change the way we retail our products. Mobility and practicality are the key characteristics of cargo bikes that make them a fantastic way to  They are eco-friendly on top of being able to navigate narrow alleys, where cars cannot pass. Check out some cargo bike ideas here:


Here is another excellent example of how one can improve their delivery services with an electric bike!


Health and Wellness

The pandemic is a great eye-opener for many of us. More and more people are taking better care of themselves. As such, health and wellness products have become popular nowadays. Who would have thought that a custom hand sanitizer would be a lucrative promotional idea for this year? So, for more COVID 19-related products, be sure to check out our blog!

Here is a comprehensive list of COVID-19 supplies that you will surely need to navigate the new normal:


We also recently compiled promotional gift ideas for health workers:


Here is a list of essential work-from-home survival items to keep your employees company during the pandemic. Check them out!

With many people becoming more health-conscious, the demand for fitness items has also increased. Here are some of them:


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