Brainstorming ideas with no methodical approach may potentially set you back in time. However, our structured product brainstorming process will help you to come up with the best ideas. Firstly, our process includes three specialists to work on a project, consisting of a sales person, a merchandiser and a designer. After, the team will produce a brief review to ensure they’re aware of as much information as possible. After that, together they work with one another to come up with new and original product ideas. It is important these ideas cater to the clients specifications whilst also matching the target price.

Furthermore, to review the ideas produce a presentation including hand sketches and research for review at the next team meeting. It will open up to more brainstorming and help pick out the best ideas for the final presentation.

About the Product

All items should be branded with the client’s logo. Moreover, check with production managers that the manufacturing and costs of each product go hand in hand with the client’s budget. In addition, the presentation will include existing items as well as new designs, created specifically for your client.


Product Brainstorming Process - How to Select Ideas 1

Product Brainstorming Process – How to Select Ideas

Steps of an effective product brainstorming process:

  1. Deliver a brief using your client’s past work & promotions, the required quantities, budget and any design preferences.
  2. Have a brainstorm meeting between three working specialists, including a merchandiser, sales person and design project leader.
  3. Following the brainstorming session, the merchandiser researches products currently existing in China to see whether they can match up to the target price and at fixed costs.
  4. Design project leader to begin sketching out initial concepts of the final products.
  5. Next, these initial concepts get developed further and a draft of the presentation with the client’s branding is created. The clients will check this presentation to make feedback and comments.
  6. Design team will rework the presentation as per feedback and deliver the final output as PDF file.
Product Brainstorming

Product Brainstorming Process – How to Select Ideas



At ODM, we have significant experience in creating and innovating ideas for our customers. Feel free to contact us at for more information on our product brainstorming process.