Companies are increasingly harvesting the wisdom of the masses. Young companies and inventors are able to tap the public directly for funding.   Social media is driving this and the phenomenon is becoming a great enabler for fast moving companies.

The ODM group will shortly list an invention on one of these websites.  In this way we seek funding/partnership for IP protection, product development, making moulds and marketing. This will enable “buy in” from a wide section of community and hopefully create more buzz around the product launch.

Which mechanisms or websites do you recommend?   We have listed 3 for each below to get started but wish to add more based on recommendations…

Crowd Funding

In such a global market it is a real pity that many of the crowd funding networks are not funded on a global basis.   Which is your favourite platform which works globally?

Crowd Brainstorming

Stay tuned and if you are an inventor looking to launch get in contact with our team in Mindsparkz.