Collaborative brainstorming provides companies with new ideas and inventions.  It should get a lot easier with the introduction of Google Wave.   Whilst this is still in Beta testing, early feedback is that such a tool will help groups of co-workers or inventors to collaborate and record ideas in a very systematic and efficient fashion.

Google wave Extensions will be key to driving and prompting inventors to move Ideation in the correct way.

  • Gadgets : A gadget is an application users can participate with, many of which are built on Google’s OpenSocial platform. A good comparison would be iGoogle gadgets or Facebook applications.
  • Robots : Robots are automated participants within a wave. They can talk with users and interact with waves. They could provide information from outside sources (patent search for similar products etc..)

We look forward to creating more online Brainstorming sessions for our clients moving forward and to working with inventors on refining their IP on Wave.