When launching a new retail product it is important to give your selling partners all the help and options possible to maximise sale.   Product design, branding, packaging, POS displays etc.. all play a part.

A common sight at most retail outlets are these Sign Holders, a low cost POS display with printed promotional messages that help with marketing and advertising.

Seen near retail shelves; shelf talkers and flags are printed cards or signs attached to a store shelf to call a buyer’s attention to that particular product displayed in that shelf.

Difference between the both? Printing.

Shelf talkers are printed on one side while shelf flags are printed on two sides with a 90degrees bend – Attracting customers as they approach the aisle from both sides.

Materials used varies from PVC to paper, available in all shapes, sizes. Not forgetting colors can be customised to suit the promotion.  One advantage of this kind of POS display is that it eliminates any need for a clip or any self adhesive to attach the sign to the shelf.

ODM has develops a wide variety of ODM POS displays to maximise sales and communicate to potential customers.