ODM is producing an LED Display Clock Radio.  Apart from basic functions such as  digital alarm and radio, this product has a USB slot for music, inbuilt speakers, and a unique LED lighting effect with 2 layers of decorative LED lights. 

With its contemporary sleek design, this radio also comprises of other functions like;

  1. Snooze and Sleep Control
  2. Alarm wakeup mode- Radio/ Buzzer
  3. USB Slot for conncecting to MP3 devices.

ODM makes other clocks such as this Bendy Clock .    However, the unique selling point (USP) for this model are…

  1. Volume Control- Rotate the upper part to adjust volume
  2. Volume Display- LED on the top, display various levels of volume
  3. LED time appears on normal plastic body as if projected in place
  4. Rubberised feel to the body gives added perceived value.
  5. Selection of colours for body and LED lighting.

Branding can be done on the top of the product as well as the sides, not to mention on the packaging.