Having trouble waking up in the morning? Well, not anymore if you have the Shoot o’clock or Bomb Defuser clock! Both clocks are extraordinary ones and would require one to carry out an action before it stops ringing.

Interesting products: Shoot O'clock and Bomb Defuser clock

The former requires one to shoot the center of a target that pops up whenever the alarm rings, 5 times in a row with a gun that comes in the set. On the other hand, the latter needs one to defuse the correct colour as flashed on the buttons seen on the right side of the clock.

It is not easy to stop both alarms as one needs to be awake and focused to be able to do so. As such, the product would be forceful to people who love to snooze their alarms!

ODM thinks that this alarm would be a very fun and unique promotional gift because one can actually personalize the target. Waking up to a design every morning would definitely reinforce brand recall. Furthermore, giving away such an exciting product would draw hype to your brand.

So, why not try waking up effectively in a different way and firing up your day!

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