This exclusive deal is for all the trade buyers out there! Head down to the HKTDC Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Autumn Edition) for a free souvenir. The free gift being offered this time is the Talk O’clock that retails for $298 HKD and is certainly not an offer that you will want to miss out on! In order to redeem this gift, simply head to the redemption counter and present your leaflet, business card and buyer badge.

HKTDC Free Souvenir - Clock

HKTDC Free Souvenir – Clock

Why offer a clock as a free souvenir?

Clocks are very practical gifts because everyone can certainly find a use for them. Regardless of the age or gender of your customers, they will surely find a gift like that very handy. This eliminates the problem of your gift only suiting a select group of people.

Clocks are also highly customizable and you can design it in any way you like! From selecting the style of the clock, design, color scheme and materials, you can make the clock gift uniquely yours! For example, if your brand is trying to portray a ‘green’ image, the clock can be made out of recyclable materials to further enhance this image!

What are the benefits of offering a free souvenir?

Free souvenirs are offered in order to attract more people to attend your events or to buy your products. Thus, by offering a simple marketing gift like that, you can actually boost your sales or event attendance immensely. Free items also help to build up customer loyalty as it makes the customer feel valued and appreciated. When there is an increase in customer satisfaction, it often leads to them providing strong support for your future products and events! Small cost for a relatively large return!

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