Looking for an unconventional gift idea, well look no further because the canned clock is just perfect for you! Read on to find out more about this unique marketing gift idea!

What is a canned clock?

A canned clock is a clock made out of a can! These clocks can be used as table or wall clocks to help you keep track of time! It also has a magnet on the back of it thus you can put it on your fridge or any magnetic surfaces!

Canned Clock

Canned Clock

The canned clock is sure to attract everyone’s attention, as they are so quirky, unique and fun! All your customers will definitely be rushing to get their hands on a marketing gift like this!

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Why offer a canned clock as a promotional gift?

When you offer a gift that is unique and different, you set your brand apart from the rest of your competitors! This helps to project a brand image that your company is creative and unconventional! This helps to generate excitement amongst your customers because they will be anticipating the next interesting item in giveaways. This excitement will translate to massive amounts of support from your customers when you carry out the following promotion!

Despite the fact that the gift is interesting, a canned clock is really useful as well! It serves the same functions as a regular clock and can tell you the time, thus it is a practical gift that your customer can use!

The design of the canned clock is easily customizable and thus you can design it to suit your promotional needs! For example, this clock in the picture below is designed for the upcoming Christmas season!

Canned Clock Christmas

Canned Clock Christmas

Interested in offering a canned clock in your upcoming promotions? Feel free to contact us at ODM to assist you in creating the perfect canned clocks for your campaigns!