Having a hard time searching corporate gift for your client? Here is an idea, an international clock. Due to globalization and advancement of technology, we do not only make business with local company. Working with overseas company become common in today business world. The time zone difference become a crucial factor in communicating. International clock is a universal item that suits any kind of business people.  Read more to see how this international clock can be used as a corporate gift.

Corporate Gift Idea: Crystal International Clock

Corporate Gift Idea: Crystal International Clock

Using International Clock as Corporate Gift

Giving an international clock as a corporate gift to your client can shows your company value. For example, if you are giving an international clock when visiting your client overseas, you are reminding them of the time zone difference. It shows your concern towards the value of each minutes and fully utilize it. Moreover, sending an international clock can show that local time is not the only time you consider but also the time zone your client live in. This can help building a good impression to your clients.

An international clock appeals more as it feels to be more luxurious compare to ordinary gift like pen and calendar. The client may feel more superior as if they are your premium business partner. In addition, the material is customizable. It allows you to modify the clock in order to fit your target client needs and preference. Perhaps you can use an eco-friendly product to show that you care about environment as well.

When giving out a corporate gift to your client, be sure that it is has a good quality. Promotional products from China is not necessarily inferior to other market. In fact, the economies of scale allows good quality products to be produced with a lower cost. Ensure your quality standard with a good quality control. To know more about manufacturing in China, check out our Buyer Diary series.