Promotional products should be integrated into every brands marketing budget. This blog will explain a selection of ways how and numerous reasons why.

Promotional Products 11

Including some of our own products and supported by our ever expanding portal of real-life marketing case studies, let’s start with a few ways how promotional products can be used:

1. Gift with purchase – A brilliant way to include a promo gift within a retail environment – Kit Kat

2. On pack promotion – Promotional products can be a great on-pack item, back your product – Jameson

3. Commemorate – Celebrate an event or milestone with the a customised promotional product –  Lucky Monkey

4. Award – Gift and give back with a premium personalised product – HSBC

5. Corporate Gift – Represent your brand in associate meetings with a high quality corporate promotional product – Promo Mugs

Promotional Products

Promotional Products – Jim Beam, Fowles Wine, Branded bar mats

6. POS display – Get noticed with an eye catching POS display – Thermos

7. In pack promotion Integrate your brand with coupling promotion with your product offering – Junlebao

8. Covermount – Boost the likelihood of a purchase through attaching a promo product to packaging – Hello Kitty

9. In store display – Help your brand stand out in store with the use of supreme promotional goods – Walmart

10. On premise display – Inspire conversation with a brand tailored on premise display – Frutips

promotional products

Promotional Products – Walmart, Thermos, Sand Spike Holders

The question is then..

Why would I want to use promotional products for my brand?

1. Increase brand awareness – Benefit from an increase of awareness as your brand is now on show – Stress Toy

2. Boost sales – Profit from an increase in sales with the use of gift with purchase – Jack Daniels

3. Aid with brand reputation – Work on and increase reputation with the power of promo gifts – M&M’s

4. Highlight product portfolio – Add to product portfolio to evolve and expand your brand – Inis

5. Add value – Further the value of your product offering with the use of premium promo products – Louis Roye

6. Door Opener – Initiate contact and get things rolling with the use of custom branded products – Paul Lafayet

7. Add Incentive  Increase incentive for a consumer to purchase and or opt for your service – Coca Cola

8. Traffic Builder – Spread positive word of mouth and get people talking about your brand – Star Wars

9. Encourage a movement Kick start a movement with branded and customisable promotional products – Drones

10. Back your mantra – Support your brands purpose and perception the right way – Overland

promotional products

Promotional Products – Conference tote bag, Winnie the Pooh, Star Wars

We have significant experience in product design, product sourcing and product manufacturing. At ODM we can help you utilise your 2016 marketing budget . Contact us to find out how we can help. If your interested in gift with purchase, or a POS display we have comprehensive and ever-expanding portals dedicated to this on our website.